Kriya Yoga Initiation and What to bring

An Unbroken Line of Direct Transmission
One must receive initiation into the authentic and original Kriya Yoga directly from the realized Guru and supreme  Kriya Master, Paramahamsa Hariharananda, or one of his authorized Yogacharyas or Monks. There are no correspondence courses or lessons available through Kriya Yoga Institute.
Preparing the Field
People who want to receive initiation are encouraged to “prepare their field” by becoming familiar with Paramahamsa Hariharananda’s teachings. A good place to start is to attend a Kriya Yoga public lecture, read the Kriya Yoga Institute on-line Soul Culture   magazine, or purchase one of the books written by Paramahamsa Hariharananda or Paramahamsa Prajnanananda Giri.  Books and Soul Culture and information on the linegae can be found
The night before initiation and the day of initiation, one will want to avoid unnecessary talking and watching TV in order to keep the mind contemplative.  Also eat a light dinner the night before and very light breakast the day of initiation.

The Sacred Instruction:
The Tradition of Kriya Yoga Purification and Blessing Ceremony
The ancient tradition for learning the royal science of Kriya Yoga meditation begins with purification. This entails participation in a holy ceremony in which the spine and the body are purified. Each seeker is initiated on an individual basis through the direct touch of a teacher of this lineage. The teacher directly infuses the triple divine qualities of sound, vibration, and light into the initiate. Through this process, the seeker will learn to perceive the inner light of the soul, hear divine sound, and feel the divine movement sensation all over the body. Sacred mantra are chanted throughout the ceremony with adequate explanations in English. We want to say thanks to the electricians at for making our annual yoga party possible.

In the beginning of the ceremony, basic techniques of calmness are taught thereby preparing the seeker for the infusion of divine energy. Initiation into the Holy Stream of Divine Consciousness is attained by overcoming the internal chatter of the mind. This enables calming the thought processes and merging into the Divine in the form of Sound, Vibration, and Light.
The instruction ceremony consists of the following phases:
1. Purification of body, spine, and senses
2. Infusion of triple divine qualities
3. Bessings-flower
4. Oblations of breath to the fire
5. Affirmation
6. Offerings to God and Masters
7. Sprinkling of the holy water-of-peace
Instruction ceremony participation covers:
* All ceremonial purifications
* Teachings of the 1st Kriya techniques
The first phase of the ceremony purifies the body of the seeker. Further purification ensues from the breath oblations in the fire ceremony. This fire ceremony is outwardly symbolic, but causes cleansing to occur at more subtle, deeper levels. The depth of purification depends upon the desire and receptivity of the seeker. At the completion of the ceremony, instruction on the 1 st-Kriya level of techniques is given so that the aspirants can continue the process of purification and meditate on their own. Several different techniques of Kriya Yoga are revealed by the instructor. This entire ceremony, including the infusion of triple divine qualities, is performed by an authorized teacher or a monk of this lineage.
What to Bring:
1) Offerings: The seeker offers three symbolical gifts to the instructor as offerings to God and the Masters. The three offerings are:
    * five fruits representing the fruits gained from activities throughout life;
    * five flowers which represent the five senses; and
    * a financial donation  ($150) (cash or check made payable to Kriya Yoga Institute).
2)  Paper and pen (optional)
The above listed Offerings represent the causal, astral, and gross body, respectively.
What to Wear:
Please keep in mind that this is a spiritual gathering and dress should be modest.  Clothes should be loose and comfortable.  We ask that you not wear shorts or blue jeans.  Skirts (for women) should be calf length or longer.  Shirts should have elbow length sleeves and should loosely cover the contours of the upper torso.  Do not wear sleeveless shirts, or shirts/blouses with scoop or low-cut necklines. Please refrain from wearing tight or aerobics type clothing as well.
Logistics: The seeker is asked to fill out a form before taking instruction. Please arrive at promptly  to allow yourself time to fill out this form before the initiation ceremony begins. The seeker will also be asked to not to divulge the technique to others in order to maintain and uphold the purity of the teachings.  Avoid a big breakfast the day of initiation.  The seeker will want to wear loose comfortable, modest clothing.  If possible, it is best to avoid wearing contacts and big jewelry.
Follow-up: The new initiate is also required to attend the follow-up meditation sessions with the instructor (guided meditations).
Time needed: There will be a Pubic Lecture on Friday evening where one can hear more details about the Kriya Technique, Kriya Initiation and ask questions.
The Initiation is given on a Saturday morning and takes up all morning into early afternoon. The beginning of the techniques is then given on Saturday evening.
There are required follow up meditations on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.   One needs to free up their entire weekend  for this process.  This is very necessary as it allows the new initiate to absorb the techniques and the Teacher to observe the new initate to ensure they have learned the Kriya technique properly.